E-A-T چیست ؟

In reality of SEO it is nothing really new since it has been in theory since May 2016, but everything seems to point out that it is now when more relevance is acquiring this new way to evaluate web pages by the Google robot.

EAT is the acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, words in English that come to define the confidence of a website and its editorial team at a social level. If you want to learn a little more about EAT, I explain it in more detail.


Expertise - Experience

It is precisely that, the experience of the editor of a web page in relation to the content he is publishing. For example, myself, a computer scientist, it is understood that I have knowledge about what I expose in this blog about SEO (to a greater or lesser degree obviously, but knowledge).

Google appreciates that your profession is related to your content, as it is reasonable to think that a computer scientist has experience in computer matters. The strange thing would be for a Baker to write for example in a blog about quantum engineering.

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Thanks to the millions of data that Google has indexed, it is able to recognize the experience of the author of a content, provided that it is signed (something highly recommended).
Authoritativeness - Authority

The authority is achieved thanks to mentions of other renowned pages to the same page or to the author of the contents of that page. For example, if they named me in the magazine "MIT The Technology Review" I would get enough authority, and being my name is these articles, the web would also gain authority.

    Notice how many SEO blogs are cape between them talking about "And how my friend Rubén Alonso publishes on his website miposicionamientoweb.es" to precisely win this kind of authority.

It is not necessary that a link be placed, Google inSt. Louis already knows that I am mentioning Rubén Alonso (who by the way I take the opportunity to send a big greeting, since I have been following him for a long time). And only with this mention, he is already receiving authority.

As I said long ago, the era of positioning buying links is a thing of the past. Google inSt. Louis perfectly recognizes natural and artificial links, so don it waste your money or your time.

Trustworthiness - Trust

It is not surprising that Google is faithful more than the pages that clearly expose their data, such as the owner of the domain, the location of the company, the names of the editors, etc ... That for example, of pages that still use a “Whois "Anonymous or that simply do not expose any data.

Knowing who is writing, who owns a web page and even the address of that page or company, is a factor that gives the reader confidence and that Google likes.
Personal conclusions

As you can see, Google uses many factors in its algorithm to classify and position a web page. And among them is of course the well-known EAT.

Is EAT the most important factor? No, in my opinion I do not think it is the most relevant since I still think that the original and high quality content are the ones that lead Google is score. But without a doubt EAT is a very important factor to keep in mind.

Personally, St. Louis SEO  always sign my publications, I put my data in the privacy policy, I have a public “whois”, etc…. I think that if there is nothing to hide, it makes no sense to be "anonymous."

What do you think about the EAT factor and how do you think it can affect your own website? Leave me a comment and we value it among everyone.
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